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While the Online Coaching and Personal Coaching programs focus on physical training, the Unbeatable Mind Academy will teach you how to develop your mental strength. Having that mental fortitude allows you meet any challenge in life, whether at home, at work, or in the battle field.The Unbeatable Mind Academy is for leaders and aspiring leaders. No matter where you are in the world or the circumstances under which you live your life, you have the responsibility to lead those around you. You must train to be an unbeatable warrior, who fears nothing, is disciplined, and rises to success.We offer two levels of membership. If you have no intention of traveling to our world-renowned campus, then the Gold level is suited for you. However, if you can make it to our live seminar events, then you will want to take advantage of the savings offered to Platinum members. Also, Platinum members receive additional interaction with Coach Divine through the private blog and monthly Q&A calls.

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Those of us at SEALFIT know the benefits of the SEALFIT training program and how it can change not only the exterior/physical you, but the inner/ self-confidence in you as well. In a perfect world we would meet all of you at our Training Center in California. We know this isn’t realistic, so in our efforts to reach out to you, we have created 2 online training options to fit your budget and physical starting point.One option is SEALFIT’s basic Online Training Program which is a scalable, functional training program accessible online designed by the SEAL FIT coaching staff. Best suited for beginners to intermediate trainees who want to train in SEAL FIT but need some support to get going. This program can be used as a stepping stone to the Personal Training Program, or increase the intensity as you prepare for one of our Academies. It’s perfect for a beginner who wants to improve their fitness level, but has no interest in joining a gym. Read more about how you can become SEALFIT at home with our Online Training program tab. Online Coaching Registration$37 per month



The other option we offer is our Personalized Training Program. This program will guide you through your journey to advanced training- no matter what your starting point. We will take you through a highly successful 8-week Pre-Training program designed especially for you and tailored specifically to your physical abilities, present level of fitness and the workout equipment you have access to. This program will build you up from any fitness level to the level of fitness it takes to start training to be SEALFIT.Both of these programs are billed on a month to month basis which you can cancel at any time. They both take work; they both take commitment and focus- you have to be ready to hold yourself accountable. IF you can hold up your end of the commitment, focus and dedication- we will deliver the program to get you the results.
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