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SEALFIT Kokoro Camp, the world’s premier training camp for forging mental toughness, an Unbeatable Mind and a warrior’s spirit, is an intense crucible experience modeled off of the famous Navy SEAL Hell Week. The difference is that Kokoro is built to teach through experience, rather than try to make you into a quitter. Learn More - Enroll Online


March 28-30, 2014       June 20-22, 2014         July 25-27, 2014
August 22-24, 2014       October 17-19, 2014

level1-thumbLevel 1 Academy

The 3-Day Level 1 Academy is the entry point into learning the SEALFIT Philosophy, Methods, Movements, Standards & Skill Development – including the unique SEALFIT methods for forging mental toughness and emotional resiliency. This program establishes a solid base of knowledge in training and living the SEALFIT way. Learn More - Enroll Online


March 7-9, 2014        June 6-8, 2014
August 8-10, 2014        October 3-5, 2014

level2-thumbLevel 2 Academy

The 1 Week SEALFIT Level 2 Academy covers the full spectrum of SEALFIT physical and mental training. Level 2 includes more detailed instruction and training in the principles of SEALFIT Strength, Stamina, Work Capacity, Endurance, Durability and Mental Toughness training. This Academy is the premier Warrior-Athlete sports training available and attracts students from around the world. Level 1 not required as prerequisite.  Learn More - Enroll Online


March 22-27, 2014          August 16-21, 2014
June 14-19, 2014           October 11-16, 2014

20x-thumb20X Challenge

The 20X event is a one day (12-14 hour) crucible delivered by SEALFIT certified coaches at CrossFit gyms and other training sites around the country. The objective of 20X is to transform and expand your definition of your capabilities as an athlete and human being. Learn More - Enroll Online


SEALFIT in Encinitas CA March 15, 2014
CrossFit Honor May 2-3, 2014
CrossFit 105 June 15, 2014

3week-thumb3 Week SOF Immersion Academy

The 3 Week SOF Immersion Academy is the original program Coach Divine designed for Special Operations candidates in 2007. This intense and extremely comprehensive Academy is reserved for only 18 live-in students and is attended by SOF candidates and highly trained athletes from around the world. Your training will culminate with the Kokoro camp as your graduation crucible. This is the only Academy where Kokoro Camp is included in the price. Learn More - Enroll Online

July 6-25, 2014 - $6995

turning-steel-thumbTurning Steel

“Turning Steel” is the ultimate Navy SEAL experience. You will be trained by some of the most decorated warriors this nation has ever seen. We will show you what it’s like to be a Navy SEAL by embedding you into your own SEAL Platoon. You will live the life of a Navy SEAL for 1 week. Once we have trained you to an advanced level we will unleash you on the most exciting and terrifying 36 hours of your life. If you succeed with your mission the rewards will be great, if you fail the punishment will be unforgettable. Are you ready for the greatest adventure money can buy?

July 11-20, 2014     Learn More

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  • [...] SEALFit Kokoro Camp is not just about the physical beatdown – it is truly a lesson in mental conditioning and toughness.  Kokoro is the real deal.  I went through Navy SEAL BUD/S Hell Week twice and was a little shocked at the harshness when seeing my first Kokoro.  I was glad it was not watered down and was psyched to see the intense teaching that Coach Divine brought to the evolution.  [...]

Camps & Academies

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