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Tuesday, September 17

Deload week

Baseline: Pre-SOP and box breathing, then ROM drills. 3 rounds (45#-65#) – 3x power snatch, 3x overhead squat, 3x snatch balance, 6x push ups.

Strength: Work up to a 1 RM snatch. Then, 10 rounds, every 60 seconds, perform the following @ 65% 1 RM snatch…

  • 1x snatch + 3x overhead squat

Work Capacity: Complete 10 rounds of the following…

  • 30 seconds KB swing (24kg/16kg)
  • 30 seconds rest

Durability: 50x toes to bar, 50x V-ups.  SEALFIT Yoga Mobility drills. Hydrate and fuel within 30 minutes.  Journal post training session SOP.

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