(800) 675-TOUGH

High Speed, Low Drag


Canadian SOF candidates in Olympic Skill development class

Baseline: ROM Drills. 4 Rounds: Barbell complex (75#-105#) with push up chaser.

Strength: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Thruster

Stamina: 4 Rounds, not timed: 7x Thruster @ 85% 3 RM, 14x Burpee box jump, 50m buddy pull with heavy band.

Work Capacity: 30-25-20-15-10-5 reps of Wall ball (20#/12#), Ball Slam (25#/15#).

Durability: 4 mile timed run. 50 x GHD sit ups, 30 x reverse hypers (AHAP). Active stretch or Yoga.

Train hard, stay present and have fun. — Mark Divine

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10 Responses to High Speed, Low Drag

  • AlexanderMercieca says:

    My favorite thing about SEALFIT is that your 1RMs turn into your 3RMs, which turn into your working weight.

  • says:

    2nd day I have done sealfit.

    I fell awfully tired, lol.

    Must be working!

  • Phildo says:

    Is there good sub for ball slams?

  • Chad says:

    What’s a good substitute for buddy pull with heavy band?

  • Celav says:

    Hi, im new here and from Serbia. :) Can you just tell me what does this means ‘(75#-105#)’?

  • wesley bobbins says:

    Your first round starts with 75 pounds. next round is 85. then 95. then 105. this makes a total of 4 rounds from 75-105

  • VBB says:

    This was tough. Next time i’ll need to throw in a small run or row ahead of the BB complex to get my old bones prepped for the effort. Finished Baseline, Strength and Stamina today; will need to run thru WC & Durability tomorrow due to time constraints.

    Subbed 95# heavy bag push for buddy pull. thrusters kill me, buddy push was alot harder this time around.

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