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Thursday, April 24 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete the following for time… -100x pull ups -100x push ups -100x sit ups -100x air squats *Kicker = After completing the 100 reps for an exercise, sprint 400m before starting on the next 100 reps. So, you will perform a total of 4x400m sprints for this entire workout.

Wednesday, April 23 SOF Candidate WOD

Warm Up: Swim 500m stroke of your choice.  Then 5 rounds, every 2:00, complete 100m freestyle. Then 10 rounds, every 60 seconds, complete 50m freestyle. Then 15 rounds, every 30 seconds, complete 25m freestyle. Cool down: 5x 25m underwater swims (Start these underwater swims by jumping in doing a front flip underwater and go without  …Read More

Tuesday, April 22 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete as many rounds as possible in 40 minutes of the following… -run 400m -10x push up -15x 4-count mountain climbers -20x 4-count flutter kicks

Monday, April 21 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete 100x Burpee pull ups for time. When you are done, take 5-10 minutes to recover/hydrate, then complete a 4 mile timed run (Goal is under 30 minutes).

Friday, April 18 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete 2 rounds for time of: Swim 500m, 40x burpees, 30x strict chin ups, 20x handstand push up, 25m underwater swim.