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Friday, April 18 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete 2 rounds for time of: Swim 500m, 40x burpees, 30x strict chin ups, 20x handstand push up, 25m underwater swim.

Thursday, April 17 SOF Candidate WOD

5 rounds: Max push ups in 2 minutes, sprint 400m, max sit ups in 2 minutes, sprint 400m.

Wednesday, April 16 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete 30 rounds, every minute, on the minute of the following (If you have a weight vest or body armor, use it)… 5x Pull up 10x push up 15x air squat Then, run 2 miles @ threshold pace

Tuesday, April 15 SOF Candidate WOD

Swim 500m (Stroke of your choice), then 10 rounds of 100m swim CSS, 15x push ups, 20x 4- count flutter kicks, 25x air squats. Cool down = 4x 25m underwater swims (Rest as needed between efforts). Also, if you fail/come up for air before reaching 25m, it is a 25x burpee penalty each time.

Monday, April 14 SOF Candidate WOD

Complete 8 Rounds of the following…Max rep strict pull up, 10x clapping push ups, 200m sprint, 60 seconds rest.